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Storage Tips

Storage Insurance

It is often assumed that self storage facilities will automatically provide insurance for the items being placed into storage. This is not the case. We do not provide insurance for personally owned items.  It is not included in the fees.  We do recommend you protect your valuables with insurance.  While we do what we can to provide security for your items to protect them from theft, there is little we can do to protect against all possible scenarios and accidents, as well as damage caused by fires, floods, storms and other natural disasters.

It is recommended that you check your insurance options carefully before signing your storage rental agreement and placing your items into self storage. In fact, your first step should be to contact your homeowner/renter insurance agent to see if the items placed in the self storage facility will be covered by your current policy. It may be that you are fully covered for items stored away from home or you may be able to pay an additional premium to get such coverage. This option could be cheaper than taking out a separate insurance policy. If you do provide your own insurance coverage, we may ask to see proof of your policy before renting you space.

Should you purchase insurance? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my items already covered under my current insurance policy? This would include vehicles and boats as well as household items.
  • Does the self storage facility offer any type of coverage?  We do not provide insurance but do offer a protection plan.  Or you can look into your own 3rd party insurance.
  • If an accident occurs and the facility is at fault, your items are not covered by our insurance.
  • If a natural disaster occurs, will your items be covered.  They are not covered by the facility insurance.
  • What is the book value of your items?
  • Will the policy need to be updated each time an item is added or removed from storage? Be sure to keep a detailed list of what is in your self storage unit and its value.
  • Are the items being stored of high monetary or sentimental value? If so, it may be worth the extra cost to rent a climate controlled storage unit.
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