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Storage Tips

Storage Basics Overview

Finding a storage unit can be an overwhelming task, especially if you aren't familiar with all of the options and features available. It's best to assess all of your storage needs before you choose a local storage facility.

Consider how long you might need the storage unit. Often people need it only for a couple months but if you think you may need it long term we offer discounts for long term and prepaid storage. 

Estimate how much space you will require. Save money by only renting the space you need. We have a  storage calculator to help you with your decision. We have facilities to store larger items including cars, campers, boats, snow machines, ATV's and other motorized vehicles with large garage doors in both cold storage and heated units. We have some deluxe units with lighting, an outlet and an extra man door for access to those items you may want to pack in front of your vehicles and be able to get to easily.  These units are perfect for business storage as well. 

We offer 24 hour accsss for your convenience.  No need to wait until the facility opens or has someone on site to access your belongings.

Are any of the items you plan to store sensitive to temperature ? If so, you will most likely need a temperature-controlled storage unit. Typically the following items need to be stored indoors with some type of climate-control: leathers, furs, clothing, paintings, film, photographs, furniture, antiques, musical instruments, wine, paper, software, DVDs, CDs and electronics.

All storage facilities should have secure units, but for additional security for your possessions we have: fencing, surveillance cameras, motion lights, alarms, and controlled access with security measures that limit each tenant to only unlock their individual units.

Check out more detailed storage tips on the left hand side of this page. There's a storage solution for every situation.

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